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Aditional options for the output file names
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Product: Text File Splitter Implemented? No
Created On: 4/13/2011 Created By:
Details: Hi Hector,

I really like what you've done thus far with your Text file splitter. You'll be seeing a donation from me in the near future.

I was wondering if you might want to consider adding aditional options for the output file names?

I've been using a PDF content splitter from A-PDF and they have some very nice options for output filenames. Plus a few other advanced splitting options you may want to consider looking into. Such as Transforms and Validation on the Split data.

Thanks again,

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By @ 4/13/2011
Hi Alan,

Thanks for the donation!

Have you played around with the button marked "Manage Pattern"? That has a dialog that will let you configure how the file name will look like for each chunk.

Could you elaborate with more details on the output filenames?



By @ 4/27/2011
Ok let’s say I want to split my text file using the “Split by Text Boundary” strategy and I want to search on the text “ID:” and I use the “Use as filename option”.

When I do this the filename ends up being the entire line that “ID:” was found on. I only want the filename to be a portion on the line from where the “ID” text was found not the entire line. In this case the next nine digits after “ID” text I was looking for.

This is called Transforms. Again the product I mentioned above has the ability to use some basic scripting to apply a transform and only the end result of the transform would be used as the filename.

Also, having the ability to grab other content from inside the file to be used in the filename would be nice too. Take a look at that other product and see what I mean.


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