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How to include first word in file to name the file.
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Created On: 10/23/2009 Created By:
Details: I have text file containing the entire bible. I am trying to split it into files by book title. So far I have been able to do so by choosing. Split file by . . .text boundary . . .search for :1[space] and that seems to split it by first first chapter and verse. Perfect. But I want the title of each text file to be the FIRST WORD in each file. That would make the file that starts Exodous 1:1 titled Exodous and so on. Then I would have a text version of the bible split into all the books, by name.
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By @ 10/28/2009
I have some ideas on how to do this. Unfortunately, this is a lot more complex that I originally thought. If you don't mind, please zip the file and send it to hector AT systemwidgets DOT com. I'll use it as a test case.

By @ 12/27/2009
Ok, I've implemented a plugin system to handle custom naming of files in version 2.0. I have converted the file naming tokens to the new format.

I'm thinking that I may create a couple new ones:

[NEWCHUNKWORD:1] - Where 1 is the number of words to use for the file name.
[NEWCHUNKCHAR:1] - Where 1 is the number of characters to grab.

Or something that that effect. This will take some time to design and code, because they are not trivial.

By @ 1/15/2010

Could you provide a sample file? Please email it to support AT systemwidgets DOT com

I need it, so that I can see what it looks like, and as a sample to test the file splitting strategy once I code it.

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