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This splitter is very fast. You won't spend a lot of time waiting.
Handle Huge Files
Don't let those huge files trample your time. Cut them down to size! Tested with a 59.3 gigabyte text file.
Low Friction Graphical Interface
The graphical interface is very easy to use, and easy to grasp.
Use with batch files
It comes with a console app to use with your batch files and with Windows Task Scheduler.
Programmers can now use their .NET skills to create custom file naming tokens, and custom file splitting strategies. This is done by using the new Microsoft's Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF). Check out the SDK for details.
Built with .NET
This utility was built using .NET Framework 4.0.
Budget Friendly
Free, Free, Free

Click on image to see a full-sized screenshot.
FAQ Requirements SDK



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