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Please make sure that your system has .NET 4.0 Full Profile installed. Text File Splitter will not work with .NET 4.0 Client Profile.

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Text File Splitter

Text File Splitter 2.5.1 1.53 MB 2 years 139 days ago

Text File Splitter 2.5.1 SDK 2.14 MB 2 years 139 days ago


This is the last version of Text File Splitter. I will not continue to develop this utility. I'm gauging interest in a new file splitting tool that will be called Titan Splitter. If there is enough interest, I will continue Text File Splitter through Titan Splitter. I can not afford to give this free, so I will have to start charging in order to keep maintaining it.

If you are interested please head over to and sign up. Your email will only be used to notify you of updates and news about Titan Splitter. 



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