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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Has PainlessSVN been released?

Yes, PainlessSVN is now ready!

The official release will be September 6th, but you can download a 30 day trial now.

Is PainlessSVN free or commercial?

 PainlessSVN is a commercial utility. The price has been set to around 50 USD. The final price will be a tad less than that.

I didn't think that it will give justice for it to become open source and not be updated after only a few releases. Making it commercial ensures that there will be incentive for it to be updated and made more useful with each new release.

Does PainlessSVN work with 64-bit Windows?

It currently works on Windows 2008 64-bit Server. I haven't tested on other 64-bit operating systems yet. I will soon.

Does it work across the Internet?

No. PainlessSVN Professional is designed to work on your Local Area Network.

There are future plans to make versions of PainlessSVN that will function across the Internet.

Do I need to install the Subversion software?

Yes. PainlessSVN Professional is an administration tool that is separate from Subversion. PainlessSVN Professional works in conjunction with Subversion server software to make your source control experience more pleasant.

Does PainlessSVN work with Apache-managed repositories?

Not at this time, but is is in the product's roadmap.

Does PainlessSVN work with Subversion servers hosted on Linux?

It is possible that servers could be accessed through a Samba mapped drive. However this has not been tested, as I don't have admin experience on Linux. I would be open to have help in getting this tested.

Are there plans to make an administration utility that runs on Linux?

There will be future system that will work on Linux using Mono. This system will consist of client and server bits. The server part will run on any OS that runs Mono. The client part will run only on Windows when it is first released.

It would be possible for customers to only buy the server part, and then build a client themselves. The server's protocol will be XML-RPC.

How do I uninstall MMC 3.0?

There is no uninstall entry for MMC 3.0 in the control panel applet. However, you can run the following from the Start -> Run dialog:


Are there any side effects to running MMC 3.0 that I should know of?


It has been reported that the DTS part of Enterprise Manager does not work in any versions of Windows Server 2003. My personal experience is that Enterprise Manager on Windows XP is rather flaky after installing MMC 3.0. It still works, but I have to close it and re-start it several times due to some errors.

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