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Entries for September 2006

Saturday, September 30, 2006
Screenshots of PainlessSVN Pro Screenshots of PainlessSVN Pro
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I just got done giving PainlessSVN Professional all of the features that PainlessSVN Lite has. I put some small screenshots of several different types of nodes selected in the snap in. This should give everybody a better sense of where PainlessSVN Professional is going. Without further ado, here is the link to the new screenshots

Saturday, September 23, 2006
New Logo! New Logo!
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With the help of Axialis IconWorkshop 6.0, I was able to create this new logo. I used the free object packs from Axialis' web site. It's amazing what you can do with those packs.

Thursday, September 14, 2006
More content More content
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I've been slowly adding content to the products page. I finally have the basic overview for both NSQLAudit and PainlessSVN. I'm working hard on both products. I just recently converted NSQLAudit to .NET 2.0, and it needs some issues resolved.

PainlessSVN Lite will be free, and that will be released towards the end of the year. I will have at least 2 more versions of PainlessSVN; Professional and Team. I'm working on a features matrix for PainlessSVN. I will post an announcement once I get it done. I haven't decided on prices yet.

Sunday, September 10, 2006
SystemWidgets is reborn! SystemWidgets is reborn!
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After much self deliberation, I've decided to use this domain name and website to launch my microISV. I thank the people in the Joel On Software forums for sharing all their wisdom with us that lurk and sit on the sidelines.

I decided to cater to my strengths, and do what I love. I find myself gravitating towards creating GUIs for system and command-line utilities. The other thing that I enjoy immensely is doing integration with different systems.

I started programming many years ago with a Sinclair Z80 that my dad bought sometime in the 80s. I got into IT right when I started college, but wasn't able to enter into programming almost 6 years later. I have now been programming for about 6 years, and I love it! I hope that love shows in the programs that I create. I will be sharing some of the free utilities that I have created through time, and also create commercial products.

Here is to SystemWidget's success!

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