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Entries for May 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008
Site will be down for hardware relocation Site will be down for hardware relocation
By Hector @ 10:03 AM :: 1326 Views :: 0 Comments :: Article Rating :: Website

I will be moving to a new house on June 1st. This is in about two weeks. Since I currently host this site on my LAN, this means that I need to physically move my servers to the new house.

I'm in the process of getting the ticket created with Comcast, for moving my internet connection to my the new location. I don't know the details yet, but I do know from past experience, that my broadband will be down for about 5 days. This means that this site will probably go down around May 30th, and might not be back up until around June 7th. This a planned moved.

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