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Sunday, January 22, 2012
Text File Splitter 2.5.0 and SDK has been released! Text File Splitter 2.5.0 and SDK has been released!
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This version requires that you have .NET 4.0 installed in your system. It will NOT work otherwise!

CHG - Converted application to .NET 4.0
CHG - Remove the footer checkbox from UI. Not ready yet.

NEW - Created SDK bundle for creating new file splitting strategies.
NEW - Unit tests for the sample custom splitting strategy.

FIX - File encodings are now picked up correctly.
FIX - BOM detection now works correctly.
FIX - File chunks are now encoded correctly.

This version has been tested agains a 59 Gig file.

Look at the README file for information on the command line switches.

The SDK is now over at

You can get these downloads at the Text File Splitter Downloads page.

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