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PainlessSVN Professional
Title PainlessSVN Professional 1.1.0

This is a 30 day trial for PainlessSVN Professional 1.1.0.

Released: December 8, 2009

NEW - Automatic Subversion server discovery
NEW - Automatic PainlessSVN configuration, if server is found in above step
NEW - Configuration wizard
NEW - More information on objects selected in treeview, on the contents pane
NEW - Status of svnserve Windows service, if any is found

It has been reported that the DTS part of Enterprise Manager 2000 does not work in any versions of Windows Server 2003. My personal experience is that Enterprise Manager on Windows XP is rather flaky after installing MMC 3.0. It still works, but I have to close it and re-start it several times due to some errors.

Requires .NET 2.0

Size: 2.31 MB

Downloaded: 1417
Last Downloaded: 26-November-2015
PainlessSVN Console
Title PainlessSVN Console 1.2.0

 Released: February 24, 2011

This is the free version of PainlessSVN.

This installation includes Subversion 1.6.15. The install script will configure svnserve.exe to run as a Windows service, and will associate PainlessSVN Console to the included Subversion installation.

Requires .NET 2.0

Size: 5.09 MB

Downloaded: 1000
Last Downloaded: 26-November-2015
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