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Entries for September 2006


This has been a most productive day. I took the code I had for PainlessSVN Lite and used it as a starting point for the Pro version. I'm happy to say that I now have the Pro version loading all of the repositories in the server. The Lite version had a lot of functionality already, so now I'm way ahead of the game. I need to sit down and create an official roadmap, so that I can concentrate a bit better.

The next thing I want to tackle is properties for the different things in a repository. I'm probably going to use both the "svn info" and "svn proplist" commands to get this done. I'm still trying to figure out how to present this.

I have my friend Brandon Dobbie (Digiplay) redesigning my dialogs. I admit that I'm lousy with anything to do with GUI. Brandon has an amazing talent to create beautiful and functional UIs. I just wish that somebody would give him a change, since I hate seeing his talent wasted on all of the menial jobs he's had so far. It's not for lack of trying though.

I'm now dogfooding PainlessSVN, and I find myself just dreading the thought of messing with the command line for any server stuff. Here is a screenshot of PainlessSVN Professional:


This is the Subversion server that I run for all of my projects. So yes, this is a real live one!

posted @ Saturday, September 30, 2006 7:22 PM by Hector Sosa, Jr

Posted in: PainlessSVN

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I finally took time to get all the pieces for PainlessSVN under version control. I'm using Subversion, of course. I still haven't updated my Subversion server to 1.4.

This little excercise took me about a couple hours. It was mostly taken with renaming namespaces and partioning the code into logical units. I'm pretty happy with what I have so far. The different versions of PainlessSVN share a lot of code, and I was able to set it up so all of the relevant code is included in all the projects. I'm still investigating how the externals property works. That would be sort of how VSS does the shared modules.

posted @ Friday, September 29, 2006 8:15 PM by Hector Sosa, Jr

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I went and bought the Vista - General icon bundle from  I haven't had time to go and replace the icons for PainlessSVN yet. The download was huge! It was over 400 megs. I was pleasantly surprised about finding graphics in PNG, ICO, GIF, and BMP formats. I guess I was just expecting only ICO formats.

Unfortunately, one of my servers died and I've been busy spreading the contents of its hard drive across the other servers in my network. That and an increased amount of projects at work has been keeping me busy and away from finishing PainlessSVN. I'll just keep plucking along.

posted @ Thursday, September 28, 2006 8:53 PM by Hector Sosa, Jr

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