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Well, I'm sorry to say that I've been sick with food allergies and reactions to smog. This has been a nasty one-two punch. I haven't been able to concentrate on finishing the last 10% needed to get PainlessSVN out the door.

I have a constant headache, that occasionally spikes into migraines. I'm totally exhausted when I get home from my day job. This means that I've been using the weekends to catch up on my sleep. I started taking some pancreatic enzyme replacement pills to help with the food allergies, but there are a few things that really make me sick, even with the enzymes. Some specific products with wheat have made me really sick this week. My twin daughter made some Valentine's sugar cookies. I tried one from each of their batch. Bad move! I had a very nasty migraine and nausea today. So bad that I had to leave work, and sleep in a darkened room.

Oh well, just wanted to let people know why there wasn't any movement with PainlessSVN or any of the other utilities.

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